Friday, 11 January 2008

Butler Group ignoring EMC's Business Process Management ?

What an interesting day this is turning into. So, this morning I sat in on a demo by one of our Documentum experts for our Research School. They have a requirement to build a 'system' to handle research grant submission, which is currently mired in the "email with Word attachments" chaos. Andy did a great demo of a rapid prototype he had banged out using Documentum workflow and content lifecycles, whilst I chipped in with a demo of eRoom (for general collaboration around the grant submission process).

4 hours and many meetings later, I get an email saying I can download Butler Groups new report on BPM, so I did. Now, I have not read it properly yet, but I flicked through the 'Technology Audits' chapter - no sign of EMC ! OK then, on to the 'Vendor and Product Profiles' chapter - still no sight whatsoever of the EMC Business Process Suite , which since the integration of the ProActivity product line is a lot more than 'just' Documentum Workflow. I am a tad surprised by this omission, but perhaps when I have read the full document it will make sense (??).

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