Thursday, 17 January 2008

The only constant..... is change...... (updated)

Well thats certainly the recent trend in the wider information management market place ! So Oracle finally got their hands on BEA. This now gives Oracle 4 enterprise portal software offerings - confusing future there eh ?

Actually two postings already offer some analysis / comment. Janus Boye over at CMS Watch offers his usual insightful analysis of how the four portals fit together. I don't think I am being particularily insightful myself, when I say this is appears to be all about SOA and the middleware stack, BEA technology being generally regarded as good. However I am no expert on SOA nor do I have indepth knowledge of the BEA or current Oracle middleware stacks.

However to follow up on comments Laurence made over at Word of Pie, where despite my rash of spelling mistakes in my comment (it was late) Laurence branded me the eternal optimist. I shall explain. What I said was that the best integration I have seen between a portal and EMC's Documentum is that provided by the 'Knowledge Directory' feature of BEA Aqualogic User Interaction (the product formerly known as Plumtree Portal). So, wouldn't if be nice if Oracle sold off ALUI and ECM could snap it up ? This would give an nice alternative front end to EMC's content management suite, and perhaps a serious alternative to MOSS in the 'ECM for the masses' market ??

And then....... Sun buys MySQL.... !

Update: Actually this posting on the Portals and Content Managment blog ( gives a nice short summary of recent activity, and asks the question whether EMC will acquire a Portal / Middleware stack ?

And; Toby Ward over at pulls together some more Oracle / BEA analysis in this posting.

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