Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Magellan presentation and info - updated x 2

I am not going to repeat his post, or attempt analysis yet, but go read Laurences posting to get a nice overview of the Collaboration session and details of what to expect from ECM's Magellan:

Introduction to EMC’s Next-Generation Knowledge Worker Client

Thanks to Laurence for his diligent blogging :-)

Update #1:

Also James at ChiefTech dives in with a small posting: EMC's Documentum and eRoom gets a 2.0 make over with "Magellan"

Big Men On Content: EMC Documentum Will Not Go Quietly Into that Dark Night

Channel Web: EMC Unveils Content Management, Collaboration Services Roadmap

And of course, as this is the new '2.0' aware EMC, keynote video's are already up on YouTube :-)

Update #2

Whitney's demo of Knowledge worker stuff is in the Mark Lewis keynote starting at part 5 and Magellan or 'Essentials' is in part 6 , and the 'rich media' / digital asset management client in part 7 - the video is not great so you don't get a really good view of the interfaces

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