Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A new life for Liferay ...

a new life a corporate suite that is, well perhaps. Janus from CMS Watch writes about the new partnership between Sun and Liferay here: Sun Portal Server rides into the sunset in favour of Liferay.

My boss Toby chips in with some analysis on the Intranetblog with: Another Portal bites the dust.

However I would like to comment on a different angle. I have met the Liferay guys at a conference. They are one of those great open source stories, they started development of their product to meet their own needs (a new portal type website for their church if I remember correctly). The software has gone from strength to strength based on the original developers and the community they have built up around the product. However they also have some commercial nous, just look how well they have done so far ! So, to get any bigger, or to push into more markets the serious cash backing that Sun can provide will do no harm at all ! Of course Liferay is seriously platform agnostic, but it does run on Suns Java app server and of course it runs with MySQL, lets hope if the relationship is cemented and Sun fully acquires Liferay (which has been hinted at as noted by Toby) that Sun remembers to play nicely with respect to running Liferay on other platforms.

By the way, although I have no experience of running Liferay, it appears that the new collaboration features in version 5 make it a Java based competitor to MS MOSS 2007 - and competition is always good ;-)

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