Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Hello San Francisco

Well after a pleasant flight courtesy of United Airlines, I arrived in San Francisco yesterday tea time. Thought I would stay up as long as possible, so when I did sleep it would be deep and long.... wrong ! A couple of beers, in bed by 10pm (which meant I had been up for something like 26 hours) a 'fit full' night and up at 7am - which was of course a good time to log on and do work email, overlapping with the working day back in Milton Keynes.

So, I was on the "streets of San Francisco" (my Gran used to watch that on TV) before 9, and walked and walked and walked until 3pm - I like this city :-)

This is a screen shot of a Google map using the distance measuring tool to roughly denote my route:

Fisherman's wharf was a bit touristy, but the last time I climbed a hill as steep as Hyde Street was climbing up the 'Rock of Gibraltar' ! Photo's will be added to Flickr as soon as I get the chance.

Meanwhile, back to preparation for the conference, choosing sessions etc. I am either going to experiment by blogging straight from the sessions, or by using the ThinkFree Premium Beta account I have been given as conference attendee.

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