Thursday, 6 September 2007

Opening keynote - the future of work

So, I decided not to type voluminous notes directly into blog, especially as all sessions are being webcast live, but the opening session chaired by Om Malik was good, and covered some interesting topics, not necessarily 'the future of work' per se.

Main theme's were around flexibility, work / life balance and the fact that the consumer space is really leading the enterprise on Web 2.0 / Office 2.o stuff. If people use something at home, find it easy and useful then of course they will want to use it at work.

Also suggested that where the SMB sector is leading with online apps, enterprise work groups need to follow, although it was acknolwedged that sometimes compliance and regulatory issues need to be dealt with, especially with respect to where the data is hosted.

The Mike Doeff of Avolent sat next to me just asked if I would put my copious typed notes online at some point, so I guess the answer is yes, once I have tidied them up :-)

We also did our bit for the big conference experiment and Mike looked me up on his iPhone using the Etelos custom apps, and because my iPhone is not activated, I got his contact details in my laptop in the browser - Ishmael it works !

Also Tris Hussey over at blognation Canada looks like he did type his notes directly into his blog

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