Sunday, 23 September 2007

ECM 2.0 ?

So, after all the postings below, most of which have been focused on the whole Web 2.0, Office 2.0, and Enterprise 2.0 themes since my travels to O2con in San Francisco, I finally get round to "ECM 2.0".

This has been prompted by the effort of AIIM to get some social networking, indeed some conversations going on the AIIM 'ECM Net' group in Facebook.
Although I truly hate the trend to add "two point oh" to the end of everything, I think if we go back to Tim O'Reilly's original definition of 'Web 2.0' there are a number of possible areas where there is going to be major impact on ECM as we currently know it:

1. The User Experience - ECMS interfaces are going to get the AJAX / REST makeover

2. User Generated Content - how is this going to work with the library services, content repository and collaboration elements of an ECMS ?

3. 'Social' web - social networking, social bookmarking, 'folksonomies' (social taxonomy development ?)-

4. It seems to me that a lot of the "two point oh" stuff is actually about collaboration - blogs as a 'conversation', wiki's as collaborative writing etc Collaboration has always been one of the constituent technology areas of ECM - so is this just about keeping up with the latest technology trends, or about working differently?

As an EMC customer, I have already seen Momentum presentations on how they are starting to tackle some of these aspects, for example adding blog and wiki functionality to Documentum Web Publisher, but all the portal vendors are diving into 'web 2.0' tools too, so there are inevitable questions over where you fit the tools, and how you integrate them."

So, I will paraphrase my closing comment - a lot of what can be done with "Enteprise 2.0" tools, and whether you can infact setup "ECM 2.0" depends, as always on the context of the organisation, its culture and its ways of working. Personally I don't think my orgaisation (the Open University) has a chance with any of this, but I hope I can be proved wrong !

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DrUKff said...

There is some stuff about ECM 2.0 in a presentation from June 2007: (in German). The presentation is as well available on imageloop: