Sunday, 23 September 2007

Some Enterprise 2.0 articles

In line with the posting below, here are some interesting articles I have read this week:

Dion Hinchcliffe "A checkpoint on web 2.0 in the Enterprise" over at ZD-Net. I am not going to attempt to summarise it, but its a very good article, so go take a look.

UK IT periodical 'Computer Weekly' also jumps into the fray with "Web 2.0: beyond the buzz words" - interesting comments on security implications, services oriented archictures and supposed CIO requirements for a full group of web 2.0 applications in a 'suite'.

Another UK paper, ITWeek, has an article called "Smarter tools for picking brains" by Charles Armstrong, the founder of Trampoline Systems which looks like an interesting outfit with some interesting tools.

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