Tuesday, 27 April 2010

CMIS steps away from being officially ratified.

Irina Guseva writing at CMS Wire tells us that the CMSI draft has passed a critical milestone, getting 15% of votes, in the journey to become an officially ratified OASIS standard, read her article here:

CMIS Makes it as an official standard.

She has some quotes from Alfresco, Nuxeo, IBM and Day Software, and its an interesting little read.

This is very important for the ECM industry, but actually from my perspective even more important from an ECM / content management end user perspective. Official ratification of the standard, all out support from the industry, and baking the interoperability features into as many products as possible are a very good thing.

This will make it much more easy (and elegant ?) for SI's or internal IT departments to build systems which work exactly as the business requires, not as the vendor which meets 75% of the requirement wants them to. As you will know if you have read my blog before, the important part of ECM to me is the 'strategy' - not the vision of an ECMS as a monolithic, one size fits all solution to all your unstructured information management problems. Yet I have led procurements where ECM 'suites' from the big vendors have seemed a better solution than trying to fit together disparate pieces to build something from "best of breed" products.

CMIS promises to provide the best both worlds, a middle ground where "plug and play" comes to content management, so lets keep our fingers crossed for the continued development by OASIS and all those who have put in such a great amount of effort so far :-)

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