Sunday, 4 November 2007

Immediate response and a call to action

Too many people weekend blogging ? Well me 'ol mate Pie has a new baby, so he has to fit it in where he can :-) He says I misinterpreted him, he was not painting me as cynical, but actually as being quite optimistic ! Its nice to get conversations going....

Laurence also picked up on my comments in the previous posting about EMC's eRoom. I am a big fan of eRoom, its a great product, which we use in its 'Entperise' version which means it can be linked to its big brother, Documentum Content Server. Hoever the linking is not all that one would wish, and as Laurence states, you can fake both blogs and wiki's in eRoom, buts its not really what you would call 'web 2.0'.......

So he goes on to issue a call to action to EMC to push eRoom development, and give it the full web / enterprise 2.0 makeover. The D6 version of eRoom is actually less of a stand alone product, its based on the Content Server as its underlying repository, or put another way, its now an MS .Net based interface to Content Server. In the first release this complete re-working has actually seen some of the standard feature set disappear (e.g. recycle bin), these features being slated for return in later releases. I have heard some customers who don't run Content Server are a bit worried about the loss of eRoom as a stand alone product, but this could be where the cut down OEM version of Content Server comes in useful. Anyway, Laurence is calling for EMC not to deprecate eRoom in favour of their new connectors to Sharepoint, 'here here' says I !

If eRoom does not continue to develop it will cede the workgroup collaboration (with deep links to an ECMS) to the IBM Lotus Workplace set of tools. So lets see lots or RSS, blogs (simply 'notes' objects in blog style chronological order), wiki (based on the database ?) etc so me and Pie can remain solid eRoom fans :-)

So, its EMC's European Momentum conference in Monaco next week, and some of my colleagues are attending and hopefully when they come back with the latest news on eRoom etc, I will be able to pass it on.

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