Saturday, 29 September 2007

More on Enterprise 2.0 and ECM 2.0

Billy Cripe over at Oracles ECM Fusion blog welcomed me to the ECM corner of the blogosphere - thanks Billy :-) I shall try my best to be as erudite, and sensible as possible.......

So Billy has a good comment on the ECM 2.0 thing:

"What I personally see in the ECM space is the "enterprise 2.0 - ification" of ECM technolgies to enable "social app" behaviors and capabilities to the already core set of ECM services. RSS Feeds and Wikis and Blogs and rich GUIs and a true SOA for surfacing ECM capabilities in other systems (think Oracle WebCenter) have been a part of Oracle ECM (and Stellent ECM before that) for several years (this is not a new bandwagon for us folks!)."

I have always had a high opinion of the Stellent product set. They were very impressive when we did our ECM procurement competition. Mores to the point, I agree with Billy, and I think it all tally's with James comments (see below) and even Laurence's comments on ECM standards and SOA etc.

So, ECM 2.0 may well be cosmetic improvements to the current product set, AJAX make-overs for the interfaces, Wikis and blogs where the content of the posts and pages are managed in the ECM repository, and RSS-ifying everything. Just making stuff look like the 'consumer' Web 2.0 apps workers are using at home. What ECM 2.0 will not be is the highly componentized, SOA and standards based dream of Laurence.

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