Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Gina Trapani releases "The Complete Guide to Google Wave"

Obviously it's a work in progress.......

Picked up on this from Gina's announcement on the This Week in Google podcast (another excellent Leo Laporte / TWiT production). Gina has made her work freely available online so go here to read the 'first release' of The Complete Guide to Google Wave.

I have been playing with Wave, not much admittedly but you really need to have a 'critical mass' of friends to Wave at if you want to evaluate it from an Intranet / enterprise perspective, and to be honest I don't really care about the public / consumer use cases. The screen shot below shows me in an IM type 'real time' conversation with Casey and old colleague from the UK, with a "public" wave open in the right hand pane.

For those who still wonder about Wave or just plain "don't get it" take a look at the free online version of Gina's book (there will be paid-for PDF and dead-wood versions coming later). Personally I still think its too early to condemn Wave (as some are doing) but also too early to say exactly how this will pan out. I have said before that I can see Wave in an enterprise setting, with hosted (Appliance) based versions of Gmail, Docs, Video, Search (of course) etc all working as a "private cloud" integrating with "heavy duty" CRM, ERP and ECM solutions where required. But, we will see.........

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