Wednesday, 18 November 2009

EMC introduces My Documentum

Some former colleagues from the Open University attended the 'Momentum Europe' conference in Athens last week. I had already spotted this press release but have only now got round to examining the release of the new 'My Documentum' family:

"EMC My Documentum Family Delivers The Power of Enterprise Content Management to Every Business User"

The press release has embedded YouTube videos and links to product information pages.

So, my initial thought was, nothing new here, it's just repackaging existing products under a new marketing banner, but its Documentum Client for Outlook (DCO), File Sharing Services etc

Not so ! Discussing this with my old colleague Mark, who was at the conference and very much knee and elbow deep in the Open University Documentum implementation, he said there is considerable new code, and for example with DCO the integration is much slicker, giving a much more 'native' Outlook experience.

This is interesting in the historical context of a blog based discussion with Shiv Singh of RazorFish about "Outlook as the portal" - its your email client, your personal information manager, your contacts manager, calendar, RSS reader etc etc ...... but also your client for your Documentum ECM repository (and other enteprise systems too ?)

To take that topic down a slightly different path, at an AIIM sponsored seminar on SharePoint 2010 this morning, one screenshot showed Outlook 2010 displaying social information gathered from SharePoint MySite profiles.

Yet, unless I am missing something, or doing something really stupid, with Outlook 2007 and SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) you can not simply drag and drop an email from your inbox into a SharePoint document library. Sure you can connect to a document library, it appears in your left hand navigation pane, and will allow you sync the contents of that document library to take them "off line" and on the road with you - but can't just simply move an email into the library ! Nor can you create a 'shortcut' in the Outlook shortcuts view of the left hand nav bar, to a WebDav (Network Places) view of a document library either.

Hurrah (!) to EMC for continuing the client side development, and lets home SharePoint integration with Outlook and particularly email is better in the next version.


David Turpie said...

Hi Jed

Following our recent (well last year) upgrade of Livlienk we have direct access to our LL respository through Outlook. We are able to drag and drop email straight into LL and I have to say I have found this quite useful and a quick way of saving important emails alongside other relvant business content.

David T

Jed Cawthorne said...

Hid David

Hope you and everyone else in the Library are well :-)

Drag and drop from LL sounds good, I suppose that fact that your still using it and not Documentum is maybe not so good.....

I will be intriguing to see how OpenText's large acquisitions will be fully digested and how the product suite changes direction.