Friday, 31 July 2009

Conversations on Knowledge Managment

As well as interesting stuff going on internally this week, as we move forward with our 'SharePoint for Projects' project, I have been involved in some interesting conversations on Knowledge Management in general across the jolly old blogosphere with two Patrick's, make sure you read down the comments to follow the conversations:

Patrick Walsh at his manIA blog: Knowledge leverage and information creation in the enterprise

Patrick Lambe at his Green Chameleon blog: Memory and Infantilism

Stephen Bounds at his New Agora blog: Facets of Information Management

So I thought I would list some of the other KM related blogs I hit, or subscribe to via their RSS feeds:

Dave Snowden at Cognitive Edge

David Gurteen

Bill Ives - Portals and KM

Actually I think what I will do is figure out how to upload my OPML file, or share stuff via Google Reader and link to it here, but in the meanwhile, we have a long weekend coming up in Canada, so keep your fingers crossed for some nice sunshine please :-)

Wikipedia page on 'Knowledge Management'

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