Monday, 1 June 2009

A new wave in collaboration and communication

So I go off line for 3.5 days to move house and what happens, Google Wave gets announced and demo'd, thats all.... :-)

Wow, is about the best way of describing my initial thought. I don't want to go all gushy and Google Fanboi, but this could be game changing, paradigm shifting etc...

Why ? Well because of their pledge to open source large chunks of the code, and because its a platform and a set of protocols not a product. As stated in the demo they actually want a developer community to grow and help build extensions. As also noted you could download the code and build your own Wave servers for use inside the enterprise firewall.

This is where it gets interesting for me, enterprise use of this platform. I can see all sorts of possibilities based on the video of the demo. I am sure it will not take long for someone to build a Wave to CMIS connection using the open standards and API's, so you could use this browser based communication and collaboration suite with your industrial strength FileNet, Documentum or LiveLink ECM repository, cooool

I will start with pointing you to a link to a Google blog post describing Wave:
"Went walk about. Brought back Google Wave."

This is the most interesting dissection of what it Wave could mean for me, its Dion Hinchcliffe's assessment of what Wave: "The enteprise implications of Google Wave."

I am going to provide a list of other links, to individuals who discuss it as SharePoint killer (don't think its a fair comparison), as OneNote on steroids (don't think so !) to those who worry about the possible implications of its use.

Personally, having only been consulting with blue chip companies for just over a year, I actually been been surprised how conservative big business can be, and I am not sure how many of the biggest companies that could make best use of this platform would actually be able to do so.

I also think that Wave integrated with an appliance based vesion of Google Voice to run inside the corporate firewall would be truly 'awesome' as they say on this side of the Atlantic :-)

So, take a gander at some of these and make up your own minds !


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