Sunday, 24 May 2009

JBoye 09 video

My good friend Line Berg, a communications professional working for Nycomed, decided that instead of writing a summary of the conference for internal distribution upon her return, she would use her little Flip video camera and ask people what they thought was the best thing about the conference, and distribute the video.

I suggested she should retrospectively ask interviewee's permission to make it public and put it on YouTube, so she did, and they all did, and here is the result !

Nice work SuperLine ! (Thats her alter ego....)

So, the question is, would you be easily able to edit and post video to your intranet as a conference summary for your colleagues? I have to say I have not worked on many for clients recently where you could achieve that.

Sign up for Janus next Philadelphia conference next year, and you could be describing to your colleagues why it was so good, and what you had learnt :-)

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