Monday, 17 November 2008

New blogs added to Pageflakes ECM site

I can't quite beleive that I was not aware of the InformationWeek Content Managment blog of Peter Hagopian, and the Information Management blog of his colleague, Andrew Conry-Murray.

So I will add the feeds to the resources site.

Interestingly I found these via my Google Alerts, which I only got round to setting up last week, and this morning I had an Alert on my name, as Peter had mentioned one of my articles on the Prescient Digital Media web site in a posting he made back in August called Content Management Acronym Soup. The article he qouted was 'CMS or ECM, What is the difference' and he said I did a good job of 'dissecting them', so my belated thanks to Peter for that nice endorsement !

For many other interesting articles by my colleagues see the main articles page on the Prescient site at:

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Anonymous said...

Your pageflakes page was very informative. I will recommend it to any one in the KM or ECM industries.

If you are looking for additional pageflakes, I have one. First, check out the IDEA Tuesday online widget located at Every Tuesday they have a live online KM/ECM presenter in a collaborative webinar format. This week it is NASA's Chief Knowledge Architect. Nice widget for tracking Live events in ECM/KM.

PS. I found your blog from the ECMHUB mashup website.