Wednesday, 5 November 2008

More Sharepoint stuff from the JBoye08 conference

Toby has posted another Sharepoint related article on IntranetBlog based on his interaction with various industry experts, and more to the point `seasonded users` who are discussing their experiences at the JBoye08 conference in Aarhus, Denmark:

What the experts say about Sharepoint (MOSS)

I like these frank qoutes from anonymous users, so I am going to replicate them here:

  • “The perception is that the search engine is terrible. I’m not 100% in agreement… the engine is pretty good, but the search interface can be weak (e.g. the engine does support wild card and Boolean searches, but usually the implemented interface does not).”
  • “Personal sites (My Site functionalilty) is both interesting and scary at the same time.”
  • “The complexity across farms is ridiculous. Make sure your consultant (MS partner or implementer) give you a list of those things that stop working across farms.”
Toby is also tweeting live from the conference so if your on Twitter search for Toby Ward and follow in `near real time` :-)

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