Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Yahoo, sport and other stuff

So, after a few days of of being 'dark' or off the net, I am using my sisters computer from her home in Manchester to catch up on email and blogs etc.

It was quite interesting to read sunday papers coverage of the Yahoo - Microsoft spat. In many ways I am glad Yahoo rebuffed the unsolicited approach. In other ways, I wish they had succeeded, because personally I think swallowing FAST and then Yahoo would have just caused internal chaos at Redmond !

Last day at the OU was quite emotional, lots of people, lots of nice words and some lovely presents. I have just spent the weekend with my parents and saying goodbye to them was also quite emotional, but when you consider my 4 year old son is quite happy with the concept of 'Skyping' someone for a video call, and perhaps mores to the point, so is my 75 year old father, then it just shows how technology truly shrinks the world and makes communications simpler for emmigre's :-)

For Alan Pelz-sharpe if your reading - I got to watch Rovers versus Hull FC on Sky with my dad and brother-in-law and a few beers - not the best game ever, but a win for Rovers in the local derby is a win for Rovers, full stop !

So, time to drop off the net again for a while, until we get established in Toronto ! TTFN.....

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