Tuesday, 20 May 2008

First day at Prescient Digital Media !

So, been Canadian for just over a couple of weeks now, had my first 'public holiday' - Victoria Day - yesterday, but today I started in the new job. Not a lot I can tell you about that yet, I mean I have only been in the office half the day .......

However as well as getting on with creating a full consulting offering around improving your intranet search experience, I have been asked do some research on MOSS 07 / Sharepoint, as so many of our clients are considering for one use or another.

My new boss, Toby, has obviously been discussing MOSS with people at the Enterprise 3 conference down in San Diego, as he made this posting on the Intranet Blog yesterday: Sharepoint requires proper architecture and governance (well 'duh' but obviously many people are neglecting this !)

So, more Sharepoint posts to come......

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