Sunday, 11 November 2007

Probably the best conference in the world....

CMF 2007 gets my vote ! Danish hospitality, excellent top notch speakers such as Bob Boiko, BJ Fogg, Lisa Welchman, James Robertston, Jim Hobart, Seth Gottlieb et al. Plus the chance to discuss various subjects with the completely indpendent analysts of CMS Watch, and with Dan Keldsen attending even AIIM were present. So a big thank you to Janus Boye, Flemming and Peter and all the crew who setup and ran a very efficient operation.

Looks like next years conference has out grown its original roots due the breadth of discussion, so its no longer Content Management Forum, but simply 'jboye08' !

To give an idea of the breadth of topics covered and discussed, these were the topics discussed in our final 'town hall' debate session; with Bob Boiko in charge, and myself and Christoph Schacher arguing for or against:.
  1. Portals will replace CMS (resolution not passed
  2. MOSS will rule them all (resolution not passed
  3. This is the year when we finally figure out what enterprise CM is and start doing it (not passed)
  4. Blogs and wiki's will dominate CM in large enterprises (resolution not passed)
  5. Facebook is your next intranet (resolution not passed)
  6. Google is the new Microsoft (resolution passed !)
  7. Controlled vocabulary will be replaced by social tagging (resolution not argued - out of time)
  8. Personalization and Workflow are now at the bottom of the feature list (not argued)
This really a fun debating session, but with plenty of well reasoned arguements, and Janus managing to get the word 'portal' into nearly every sentence he uttered...........

Bob gives the thumbs down as another town hall resolution bites the dust........

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