Wednesday, 24 October 2007

More off topic sports postings

Well, I know now there are at least two other rugby fans in the ECM industry!

I have met Alan Pelz-Sharpe of CMSWatch before, and thus knew he was a fellow Yorkie (Yorkshireman) by birth, he commented on that which I did not actually mention - the recent drubbing by fellow Yorkies, Leeds of St Helens by 33 to 6 (its difficult to explain the Yorkshire - Lancashire thing to non-Brits, but beating Saints makes us very happy). A far more interesting game ! There was also the recent 'All Golds' (New Zealand) versus the Northern Union (UK) centenary game - 25 to 18 for the great Kiwi team.

Dan from RWD Technologies Inc also commented, looks like Dan played rugby at University. To Dan, all at RWD and indeed all in California, I hope everyone is safe the casualty toll from the fires remains thankfully low.

I had to admit to Dan, although I am a Brit, I have been a Miami Dolphins fan since 1983 ! And boy, we are not having a good season ! I will be going to see the Fins at the new Wembley stadium on sunday - how cool would that be if they could pull off their first win of the season (I am typing with my fingers crossed.....).

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