Thursday, 25 October 2007

Autonomy to purchase Meridio

So here's a consolidation story that took me by surprise !

I am sure anyone from Autonomy will have told your that they are 'more than just a search company' for quite some time, but their agreement to purchase Meridio really confirms that. If you don't know Meridio, their chief product is an electronic document and records management suite.

Now I have never used their product, but they did form part of a bid for the OU ECMS some 2 and a half years ago, and as Meridio are squarely .Net and MS Gold Partner, it formed the guts of the solution with Sharepoint 2003 providing the front end. It was a messy architecture and to be honest after a demo, a couple of us decided if we were confused at which interface we were using at one point in time (and could not figure out which system the metadata was actually in) then the average end user was not going to stand a chance ! I am sure their current version is much better ......

So, Autonomy do deals with MS to integrate their search with Sharepoint (MOSS 07) and then get their hands on an eDRM system with a long history of Sharepoint integration, so I guess they also see Sharepoint as a mile long, ten thousand tonne 'CP Freight train' thats not going to hit the buffers anytime soon !

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