Friday, 7 September 2007

web 2.0 'the new platforms' session

Chaired by Rafe Needleman, who opened with comments on the integration, or lack thereof between many of the cool web 2.0 app's that we are seeing demo'd here at the conference. Of course to integrate applications requires common or integrated development platforms.

So we got into a conversation ranging over tight or loose integration, at the API or the data level. However it also moved onto the UI -> if even the most keen user of web 2.0 technology can not find a single application that does it 'all' (lets face it that simply does not exist - not even Facebook) how do they bring everything together ? Lets face it the average end user within an enterprise already has enough trouble with different applications with different UI paradigms -but then at least the ubiquitous browser and the move to web based interfaces helps with that.

So it was suggested one way to deal with this is to develop 'widgets' - but personally at the moment I would think the average end user would struggle even with Pageflakes or Netvibes as their 'portal' environment for brining in widgets for their social networking, social bookmarking etc

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