Friday, 7 September 2007

Knowledge Worker 2.0

Stephen Collins is the founder of AcidLabs and he presented on how the web 2.0 tools impact on knowledge workers to create 'knowledge worker 2.0' (just as an aside, I really, really hate this tacking 2.0 everything.....)

The session focused somewhat on how the web 2.0 technologies can assist either 'bursty' or 'busy' workers (I add a link to reference these terms later). 'Bursty' workers are heavily situational, creative, innovative and intellectually invested in their work, and as such they may be working from anywhere and are not tied to their desks. Thus the web / office 2.0 technologies are effective enablers for this style of working.

However this new wave of knowledge worker are not the horde of generation Y (or 'millenials') often talked about at this conference, but rather individuals of any age whose character predicates them to this working style. I guess I can back this up, as I am 41 and I can work effectively in 'bursty' mode, as do others I know who are both older and younger than myself. However as was noted, these modes of working are not exclusive, you can by 'bursty or busy' depending on the context and the situation.

In the Q & A Facebook came up (again) - there has been a lot of discussion here about whether intermingling work and non work e-life is a good thing, or even a necessary thing. For example the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn. Steve responded that, just as with any other system a business should have policy and procedures for the use of social networking - doing vampire biting on Facebook is obviously not appropriate during office hours ( is it ever appropriate ?)

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