Friday, 13 May 2011

Google Chrome Subscriptions - I told you so.......

So on the way to work this morning I was listening to this weeks edition of the TWiT networks "This Week In Google" podcast, which of course was covering the Google IO announcements.

I was surprised to hear the glitterati of the show still doing the whole "I don't get the need for Chrome, why wouldn't you do Android....." stuff, again........

I have already given my take on Chrome for Enterprise in a number of postings, but try out this one:
Google Chrome OS - think Enterprise

So reading the coverage of IO on Engadget, it appears I was on the right track ! Google is offering 3 year contracts or "subscriptions" for the new Samsung and Acer "Chromebooks" for as low as $28 a month. This is exactly where I always thought this was heading.

Check out the Engadget article here: "Editorial: Google clarifies Chromebook subscriptions, might just have changed the industry"

We will see where this goes and how successful it might be, but for now, smug smile from me :-)

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