Tuesday, 13 April 2010

JBoye Philadelphia 2010 - coming soon.......

May the 4th to the 6th to be exact !

This is a real "user community" conference, packed full of real world case studies, and with a luminary list of speakers from the content management community - with individuals like Mary-Jo Foley, Eric Karjaluoto and Peter Kim as keynote speakers.

Last year Janus got his money's worth out of me, as I did a workshop with Martin White, did a case study session with a client (WestJet) and took part in a round table event. This year, I can't go because my employer is sending me to Enterprise Search Summit (East) and they are in the same month. Honestly I would 'self fund' a visit to Philadelphia for the learning opportunity, but my wife would think I was just going for the conference socials ! (Which are excellent networking events, of course....)

This year there are going to be the following tracks over the two main days of the conference, click on the links for an overview:
Something for everyone ! How can you afford not to go ? Seriously its difficult to impress on someone the ethos of Janus and his team, and the 'community' feeling of this event, it really is very impressive and you will learn a lot. So if you are deciding to go, how about looking at the program from a 'whats on each day' perspective:
I am just going to list my friends and professional acquittances from among the highly impressive list of speakers, because its like a 'who's who' of my LinkedIn connections (and because I can...)
Oh well, I have done my best bit of e-marketing for Janus and his team, if I can't convince you to attend, you just don't know what an opportunity your missing :-)

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