Friday, 12 March 2010

Now AIIM Enterprise 2.0 Practitioner Certified

So, that's this years first bit of professional development completed - even though I managed to break the AIIM online / elearning system - twice !

Yep, another logo to add to the side bar !

I enjoyed the course. It puts a heavy emphasis on Prof. Andrew McAfee's original SLATES model, and on Dion Hinchcliffe's FLATNESSES extension of the model.

The 'blurb' on the AIIM site states:
"The E2.0 Practitioner Certificate program covers the concepts and technologies of Enterprise 2.0. During this course you will learn about wikis; blogs; social networking; feeds; search; tagging; folksonomies; ratings/reviews; mashups; collaboration; and worker models."

I havee been using many if not most of these technologies for years, and I have used these two E.20 models on this blog to assess the the concept of "ECM 2.0" for example. So to some extent this course was fairly easy for me because I am certainly not new to the subject matter, even passing some of the module exams without studying the material first :-)

That said, I did listen to all of Dan Keldsen's presentations, and read through all of the material in order to provide a rather light weight assessment for you my readers (OK, a friend said he was thinking of taking the course and asked me to provide my opinion). I first met Dan at a conference years ago and there is no doubt that he "knows his stuff" as we say in Yorkshire. Just to make it clear, I did the online elearning version of this course, not the class room version. I have done both before, and generally I find all AIIM training materials to have been of good quality, and morevoer, actually useful in 'real world' work.

So overall, I would definitely recommend this course to n00b's - if you have no previous experience, or shallow experience in some particular aspect of the enterprise 2.0 / enterprise social computing / collaboration world, then this course provides a good overview of the progression from E 1.0 via E 1.5 to E2.0

If you have some knowledge, then like myself it might be handy to get the certification as an illustration of your continuing professional development.

If I have to rate it, then I would give it an 8 out of 10 for the material.

Finally a big thanks to Maureen at AIIM who sorted things out for me when the technology failed (first time ever, as I said I have done AIIM online courses before) - trust me to break the online exam system..........


Dan Keldsen said...

Jed - Great to hear the course was 8 out of 10. Not bad, considering it was first created almost 2 years ago, and much has changed in the meantime. The rise of mobile, mashups, microblogging, and continuing growth of SaaS/cloud models is certainly interesting in this economy.

Pleasure to have met you way back in Denmark, certainly we're of much the same mind (and I *believe* that's a good thing, yah?) ;).


Jed Cawthorne said...

Hey Dan - my pleasure.

Yes, much has changed, everything in our world moves at such a rapid pace, but I believe it would be a very good course for someone new to the subject area !