Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Time for some professional development.....

I have not done a AIIM course since early last year, so I just signed up for Enterprise 2.0 Practitioner . You can find details here on the AIIM site:

However, a quick copy and paste of the course outline is below for your information:

The E2.0 Practitioner Certificate program covers the concepts and technologies of Enterprise 2.0. During this course you will learn about wikis; blogs; social networking; feeds; search; tagging; folksonomies; ratings/reviews; mashups; collaboration; and worker models.


  • How to position Enterprise 2.0 in relationship to IM, BI, KM and Web 2.0
  • Enterprise 2.0 technologies
  • Enterprise 2.0 frameworks and concepts
  • Worker Model for Enterprise 2.0
  • Business drivers for Enterprise 2.0
  • Evolution and definition of Enterprise 2.0 technologies – Enterprise 1.0: email, forums, chat rooms, bulletin boards, web/tele/videoconferencing, and static web
  • Evolution and definition of Enterprise 2.0 technologies – Enterprise 1.5: web services, IM, SMS, collaboration filtering, social networking, social networking analysis, portals, and dynamic web
  • Evolution and definition of Enterprise 2.0 technologies – Enterprise 2.0: participate web, tagging, mashups, blogs, wikis, feeds, podcasting, and social voting, bookmarking and ranking
  • An overview of Enterprise 2.0 extensions
  • State of the Enterprise 2.0 market
I have always found the AIIM elearning to be good, so I am sure this will be too. I will report back once I have completed the course. I may then go straight into the 'Specialist' course. Lots of certification logos for the side of the blog !


Nick said...

Hi Jed, I'd be interested in hearing your feedback on the AIIM course. Long ago I took the AIIM ECM Practitioner course (and was interviewed about it afterwards - and found it very useful, however looking at the course outline you posted, I wonder how much of the AIIM material is truly insightful compared to what you could find freely available on the Web.

Good luck!

patrick said...

Here is another good site I said I would pass along.