Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Content Management vendors, and CMIS

This posting is really just a link post, no thoughtful analysis here.......

My old mate Laurence has an excellent CMIS update posting on his Word of Pie blog. He has been involved in CMIS development on behalf of AIIM, and this summary piece is well worth reading: Looking at CMIS 1.0, thinking of 2.0

On the same subjectbut with a different twist Alan at CMS Watch posted "Three reasons to list CMIS in your Document Management RFP" having written some really big ECM / EDRM RFI's and RFP's I have to agree with his logic, including this nascent yet to be fully ratified standard can still help keep your selected vendors 'honest' !

On a different subject, but still with CMS Watch, they have updated their graphical representation of the information management / content management industry and the various vendors:

As I used to live just 40 mins north of London (England, not Ontario) I really like the 'tube' metaphor (yes, we call the London Underground the 'tube' not the Metro or the Subway - Subway is a sandwich shop!). If you want a higher resolution PDF copy for printing head on over to the CMS Watch site here: Technology Vendor Map.

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