Tuesday, 14 July 2009

SharePoint 2010 'sneak peak'

OK, well thanks to MSFT for making this available:


And I know its 'as advertised', but I guess I was just hoping for some really interesting information management snippet to leap out at me - but nope, nothing there.

The videos are good, and they concentrate on what can be shown right now:
  • Aysnchronous UI
  • The ribbon interface (yuck by the way.....)
  • Sliverlight web part
  • Beefed up BDC
  • Developer tools
  • Ability to restore a non-production database (?)

Well there is more than that, for example the super feature which allows you to import a 'style' from a PowerPoint deck and brand your SharePoint site with it, ooooh, thats useful.....

I was hoping that they may have fixed the products biggest architectural issue - putting content items into SQL Server as blobs, maybe they have made the file system connector an out of the box feature ??? We will have to wait and see.

Oh yes, and of course, lets not forget that Groove now seems to be the 'thick client' for SharePoint, including a name changeto SharePoint Workspace to reinforce the point.

At one point in the overview video the presenter mentions 'craddle to grave' information lifecycle management - but that was it, not details on how that was going to work, or what features would help to facilitate it.

However, like I said, there were very upfront about this merely being the 'sneak peek' to wet our appetites, and of course to get you to sign up for the SharePoint conference in Vegas in the fall, when the public beta will be unvailed, but for now to qoute the anonymous cop in BladeRunner "nothing to see here, move along now........."

p.s. the really funny part, I could not get the videos to play in my corporate locked down instance of Internet Explorer and had to watch them on the Mac when I got home last night (after installing a Sliverlight player, of course......)

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