Tuesday, 3 March 2009

SharePoint pro's and Con's

My boss Toby Ward (see http://intranetblog.com) has taken an internal company briefing I did on SharePoint technologies and added some content to make it 'SharePoint Pro's and Con's' which he is presenting at the IntraTeam conference this week in Copenhagen.

This is the 'sneek preview' version which is up on SlideShare.net"

If you have read my opinions on SharePoint / MOSS before, you will know there is nothing new here, and we can encapsulate easily thus:
  • Don't believe all the marketing hype
  • Make sure you do good requirements analysis and understand what you want to use it for, and if it truly meets your requirements then go for it
  • Ensure you plan accordingly - remember the 5P's (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance)
  • Integrate it with, or supplement it with other technologies as required, it really is not the "one ring to rule them all" !
There you go, MOSS implementation in four bullet points.......... :-)

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