Monday, 8 December 2008

Off topic posting - Dolphins beat Bills in Toronto - Yay !

For those who know me, you won't be surprised that an ex-pat British guy, living in Toronto, Canada is also a Miami Dolphins fan of over 25 years ! Those who stumble across this may be confused !

Well it was not an exciting game, Pennington did not throw it around enough, the 'wild cat' did not confuse the Bills defence at all (I am not even sure it gained any yards at all) and of course Losman was a complete loss......

But while it was not exciting it was a win, and it now means that I have seen the Dolphins loose the first ever regular season NFL game held outside of the U.S. (last year at Wembley in London) and also seen them win the first regular season game to held in Canada :-) Also the Jets and Pats lost, and no one who lived through last season expected the Fin's to be in the play off race this year - well I didn't !

The British person dwelling inside my Canadian veneer thinks "tail gating" still sounds like some kind of offence which should carry a long prison sentence, especially when you do it in minus 20 degs C ......... Oh yes, by the way both soccer and rugby chants in the U.K. are way more inventive and creative than shouting "offence" and "defence" back and forth across the stadium, yawn... :->

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