Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Is the shine coming off Sharepoint ?

My thanks to my colleague Cathy who pointed my in the direction of this interesting article at InformationWeek; Can Microsoft keep Sharepoint rolling ?

Its a good and interesting read, and seems to agree with everything I ever say on these pages about Sharepoint / MOSS:
  • It might be the product for you, but how do you know unless you analyse your requirements
  • A phased implementation appears to be more successful, add bells and whistles later
  • Sharepoint in itself is not a 'strategy' - it can be part of ECM, Intranet or collaboration elements of your overall Information Management strategy
  • Contrary to MS marketing hype, Sharepoint does not actually do everything brilliantly
  • A Sharepoint deployment, like any other technology implementation will ultimately fail if not aligned with strategy, and if not properly planned with comensurate governance in place
By the waym, my employer, Prescient Digital Media, can help with all of these things :-)

Speaking of which Toby Ward just posted this on Intranetblog.com from the JBoye08 conference in Aarhus, Denmark, where he appears to have been chatting to Alan Pelz-Sharpe of CMSWatch: Sharepoint Overview (pro's and con's of MOSS)

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