Thursday, 20 November 2008

EMC's Digital Echo and CentreStage

It appears I sit down to do some report writing for clients, and miss all sorts of things !

So, EMC bought Mozy and then Pi and now together they are Decho (for Digital Echo no less....). Although Decho's only current offering is the Mozy online storage solution, it will get really interesting when the 'Pi' piece gets released.

Here are a couple of interesting articles from the Register with some good analysis:

Also CentreStage, EMC's new "Knowledge Worker' client, which is also the eRoom replacement has its own site here at: 'CentreStage the movie'

Now this is certainly an interesting take on marketing, but apart from the wierd 'movie' itself, which did provoke a laugh, there is a good flash demo and a datasheet and whitepaper on the 'assets' page.

I doubt EMC will market CentreStage as 'Sharepoint Killer' but its certainly a very interesting looking client that has the ability to replace both eRoom and the Webtop interface to Documentum Content Server. In some ways it could be seen as going up against Oracle's Beehive and IBM's Lotus Quickr.

All three of these products are definately able to provide viable alternatives to Sharepoint (in its MOSS2007 form) in varying scenarios, proving as many are starting to learn, that Sharepoint is not "the one ring to rule them all." Before I am accused of it, I am not having a downer on Sharepoint, like I always say, the only way to figure out which product or solution is best for your own requirements is to thoroughly analyse those requirements in the first place, and then place them in an holistic, enterprise architecture view, and then go from there.

By the way, if anyone actually reads this blog and attended the Momentum Europe conference in Prague last week, I would be grateful to recieve any reports on the conference.