Thursday, 11 September 2008

World Peace declared in ECM industry... CMIS is here ! Updated 12th Sept

Updated - I have added additional links to blog posts from Craig Randall and the Observing Content Management blog, that later notes something I had intially missed:

The following use cases are out of scope for the initial set of deliverables:
  • Records Management and Compliance
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Subscription and Notification Services
So RM and WCM are not in scope yet eh ? Mmmmmm'


OK, not quite 'world peace' (wishful thinking eh?) but we must welcome the birth of a new 'standard' the Content Management Interoperability Standard or CMIS to us..... :-)

What does it mean - well I am not sure, I kept of the 'puter at home last night and only picked this up this morning via a 'press release' email from EMC, and I am still digesting it all, but of course plenty of sharper people than I have hit the pressess already, so please check out the links below:

Enter CMIS a proposed ECM-SOA standard - Pie says he is 'almost too excited for words' !

CMIS - be careful what you ask for - MMm' the Big Men On Content seem less excited than Pie...

Dogs and Cats: EMC, Microsoft, IBM, & Alfresco release CMIS - ECMArchitect

CMIS - its not JAS - Chuck Hollis of EMC

Announcing the CMIS specification - Microsoft Sharepoint Team blog

Announcing the CMIS specification - MS ECM Team blog

Alfresco releases first CMIS implementation - John Newton of Alfresco

CMIS the new lingua franca of EMC - CMS Watch

ECM standards war: bye bye JSR170 hello CMIS - Bex Huff

CMIS - Craid Randall

CMIS - Observing Content Management

The actual specification (version 0.5 full) is available from EMC developer network here:

The official press releases are here:
SAP have been mentioned too, but I can't see a press release from them anywhere.

Although CMIS appears to have been an evolutionary off shoot of the stalled AIIM 'iECM' initiative, it is being handed to the OASIS standards body for ratification as a standard. (Hopefully the other vendors will exercise constraint on MS in this one, unlike the ISO fiasco with document standards).

So, enjoy reading that lot, plenty of opinion pieces to follow I expect !

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