Thursday, 25 September 2008

Sharepoint, Google and other stuff from KMWorld & intranets 2008

My colleague, Prescient Digital Media's general manager and VP of consulting, Carmine Porco has been attending KM World & Intranets 2008 in San Jose. He was doing his session on 'How to measure Web 2.0 Content' but he also dropped us an email pointing out a couple of sessions, so I wanted to pass that on, plus some other related stuff:

So, Carm thoroughly enjoyed Michael Sampson's session on Sharepoint as a collaboration tool. Eric Mack covered nicely on his blog here: Sharepoint as a collaboration tool, an independant evaluation

Eric also blogged on many other sessions, including a favourite speaker of mine, Dave Snowden and also Darren Gibbons of ThoughtFarmer.

Michael also blogged on many sessions.

Building on the Sharepoint theme, Alan Pelz-Sharpe has posted 3 Continents 1 Sharepoint story
over at CMS Watch. Alan notes that the coin has dropped and orginisations are implementing MOSS as well as an ECMS not instead of, or as an ECMS. Music to my ears thats for sure. Alan notes that some people have suggested CMS Watch are 'anti-Sharepoint' and he resonds that is not so, its just that CMS Watch are pro-informed choice, and very much 'for' informed customers.

My personal opinions are right in-line with Alan's, in fact my recent most recent article on the Prescient site; "Square pegs in round holes - where Sharepoint fits in your enteprise architecture" opens with the statement that I am not anti-Sharepoint, but that I am anti-oversimplification. In other words there are no information management panacea's and a solid requirements analysis along with a well thoughout strategy and proper planning will ensure that you implement a technology solution that will meet your business needs.

Another long standing acquitance of mine, James Robertson of Step Two Designs was also at the conference, presenting the Intranet Innovation Awards 2008 - congratulations to all the winners :-)

Finally, as I did not get to attend myself I did not get to meet up with me'old matey, Martin White of Intranet Focus Ltd in the UK. Martin is an enterprise search guru who always stresses the importance of people where it comes to search, as in the management of search by a search team, so please check out his blog posting on the Google Search Appliance lunch, but I warn you, if you appreciate a rather wry (or even dry) sense of humour, don't be eating or drinking when you read this - I would not want you to spray your keyboard........

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