Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Documentum 6.5 and Enterprise 2.0

Well the serendipity of the blogosphere strikes again :-)

So whilst I mentioned Oracles new E2.0 direction and my own thoughts on EMC's moves in the space in my last two postings, Bill Ives over at his Portals and KM blog has an excellent posting entitled "EMC Documentum moves into Enterprise 2.0" where he gives an excellent summary of the E2.0 'feartures' available in the 6.5 release, with plenty of screen shots and links (so I am not going to repreat any of it here).

Bill says he got to speak to Lance Shaw, "Group Product Manager for Knowledge Worker Solutions' and having met Lance at various EMC conferences in the customer feedback sessions, I know he is a very passionate man where it comes to giving people the tools to make their working life easier.

Anyway, as Bill has saved me a lot of work, go check out his posting !

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Bill Ives said...

Thanks for your comment and link to my post on EMC. I like you blog and added it to my list. Bill