Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Look no Windows....

Well I simply can't believe how long it is since I wrote a posting, for which I apologise, but its been very busy at work, with major deliverables due for multiple projects simultaneously, and Mel does like me to talk to her sometimes when I get home from work........

Mind you, I have written two articles for the Prescient Digital Media site:
CMS or ECM, Whats the difference?
Advice for (prospective) Sharepoint customers (with Toby Ward)

However, hopefully my lovely little new Acer Aspire One mini-laptop will allow me to get on with writing posts (as well as reading everyone else's) whilst commuting into downtown on the GO train. So, with is Linpus Lite Linux distro, and the Mac at home, you can figure out the name of this post.... :-)

Of course my 'work' laptop, a nice big HP which is definately in the 'desktop replacement' category and a beast to try and use on your knee on the train (and way too big for Air Canada's Embraer ERJ-175 regional jets) runs Vista, and part of me hates to say this, I have had no problems with Vista in the 3 months I have been using it. Well apart from all the annoying bits you have to configure to 'off' if you know what your doing. Mind you it has a big old hard disk, so when I get round to it, its going to be dual booting Ubuntu :-)

So far the OpenOfficeOrg 2.2 that ships on the Aspire One, which only comes with 512MB of RAM has coped beautifully with all the Word, Excel and Powerpoint files I have opened, despite some heavy formatting in the Word documents. All good stuff ! I had been trying to use my 6 year old eNote (aka Lindows Laptop) which is small and light and has fairly big screen, but even with upgraded RAM, its VIA 866Mhz CPU seemed to run the fan nearly all the time, and its a 'lap burning' machine at the best of times, plus the old battery now can only hold a charge for about an hour with no wireless (which is provided via PCMCIA card of course).

Anyway, lots to say on various issues, so hopefully I will get the chance to catch up with the blogging.

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