Wednesday, 2 April 2008

New country, new job - its official !

My new employers have posted my bio on their website, so I am very pleased to announce that from the middle of May, I will be working for Prescient Digital Media in Toronto as a business consultant.

As well as contributing to Prescient's body of material on our main site, and probably adding the occaisonal article to the Intranet Blog I will continue to post to this site, hopefully more regularily once we are settled in our new home in Mississuaga. The usual caveat will continue to apply, that opinions published on my blog are my own and not those of my employer etc.

So, exciting times, new job, new house (not yet !) and new city, new country ! Let no one ever say I am averse to change :-)

I am looking forward to integrating into the Prescient family, and helping our customers with ECM, Intranet, web content management and search related projects. I will be sad to leave the amazing institution that is the Open University, and will probably do a longer 'official goodbye' posting at some point.

But for now lets look forward, so if your reading this and might be in the market for some assistance with your intranet or content management strategy, head on over to Prescients site and see what we can do for you !


Jesse Wilkins said...

Hi Jed,

Congratulations on your new post!

Jed Cawthorne said...

Thanks Jesse, exciting times !