Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Enterprise use of Wiki's - new research report

My old mate Janus, and his colleague Dorthe have released a new report on the use of Wiki's inside the enterprise. You can read about it on the J.Boye site here: Wiki in the Enterprise - a new way of working

I have not had a chance to disect the report fully, as I have less than a week left here at the OU, I am a tad busy doing 'handovers' to various people.

However two of the highlights do not surpise me in the slightest:

1. Wikis are not always that easy to use ! Although I work for a top university, we have individuals who's IT skills are frankly non-existent, try teaching them a wiki markup.......

2. Its all about organisational culture. Oh yes, "what do you mean that someone else can edit my page and modify what I write..!" etc etc You absolutely must not ignore the cultural implications.

Biggest use of Wiki's in this organisation (that I know about) - techie development teams, who are very happy with technology, who have a culture of open sharing within the team, and who find wiki's a useful adjunct to the software development process.

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