Thursday, 10 January 2008

Microsoft gets FAST

OK, so put your hands up if you saw that one coming ? My crystal ball did not pick it up, thats for sure.......

Is this because MS wish they had bought Convera's RetrievalWare technology ? I guess its possible that FAST's own technology would provide a welcome filip to MS web search, and certainly MS already had a partnership with FAST to put its search behind Sharepoint, or is this about getting RetrievalWare to build out a 'full' enterprise search stack. This would start with Enterprise Search Express at the bottom end, through its bigger brother to the RetrievalWare stuff at the high end, could that be the real reasoning behind this ?

By the way, I have not posted for over a month, for which I apologise, there is plenty of interesting stuff out there, even if the holiday season does slow things down a bit. No, in my case, its the fact that we will soon be leaving the UK for pastures new in Canada. So, posts may continue to be few and far between whilst I attempt to get a lot of stuff done for my current employer, find a new employer, decorate (and sell) the house, oh yes and I better get round to finishing my AIIM BPM course too........

UPDATE: according to the CMSWatch coverage by Adriaan, actually I am the only one hibernating at the back of a cave, and everyone has been expecting this (MS buying FAST, not me moving to Canada.....) :-)

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