Thursday, 13 December 2007

ECM and the Green IT agenda

A fairly topical posting whilst the worlds leaders row about carbon targets at their meeting, but just about everything I read (and there is a lot of it about right now) about 'green' IT is about the data centre. Now this is logical when you think about it, its where the majority of the power is consumed by the servers, storage and the cooling systems.

However, where are the big ECM vendors ? Surely ECM, or rather Information Management in general could have a big impact on 'greening' our IT. For example, Records Management is as much about 'destruction' of information as it is about 'retention', so doing good RM means less storage required, less spinning disks, less electricity etc etc

Same with using the functions of an ECM to de-duplicate content, and on a more general front, the improvements in 'findability' should prevent people from having to re-invent the wheel and thus generate a whole bunch of content / information that is not really needed.

So, good information management is not just about compliance, it can help you be a good corporate citizen by aiding in your efforts to reduce your carbon foot print, and that has to be good for all of us !

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