Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Quick report from CMF2007

Just a quick hello from Aarhus. Crap laptop battery life is preventing me from 'live blogging' and to be honest, they keep us busy at this conference ! When you have an hour between the end of the last session to get back to your hotel, do email, get changed and go find the venue for the social event, its not long...... I know, its such a hard life.

So, yesterday took two excellent tutorials, the one given by James Robertson of Step Two was particularily beneficial seeing as we are currently working on redeveloping our intranet. Todays keynotes were also first rate, with Bob Boiko on the subject of information professionals as organisational leaders, and this afternoon Dr BJ Foxx on persuasive technology - and some interesting observations on facebook in particular.

Lots of interesting chats with other attendee's including Tony Bryne of CMS Watch, James Robertson, BJ Fogg, Line from Nycomed and many others - learning all the time, which is great !

Currently hearing about Eumetsats radical rebuild of their intranet all based around one big wiki open for all staff to add whatever content they like ..... Its only been going for a few weeks to no great insights on how its working for them yet.

More, and more depth, when I get the chance

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