Thursday, 8 November 2007

CMF social networking session

I am sat in an excellent hands on session, led by Emme, Finnur and Andreas, where we have created Wordpress blogs, Wetpaint wiki's and links. Nothing new for me actually, but a great session and I bet lots of the other candidates are getting a lot out of this.

There has a been a lot of discussion of 'enterprise 2.0' here, and the use of social networking, especially since BJ Fogg's keynote had a lot of interesting stuff around Facebook. Janus has asked me to be on the final 'Town Hall' session this afternoon, a session where contentious issues are put up for voting on by the 'crowd' - so, I can't say what the list will be yet, as Bob Boiko is pulling together the final list right now, but you can bet that something along the lines of: "social networking will become key for business" will be included. More later......

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