Sunday, 21 October 2007

New ECM 'standard' to be developed - NOT !

OK, sorry, childish intro, but I can't understand all the blog postings or web news articles on the 'new ECM standard' to be devleoped by the British Standards Institute - well perhaps its because thats what BSI used to stand for, and standards was the key word.

However although the BSI Group currently publishes over 2000 standards per year, and their collaborators on this project, The Content Group surely know thier stuff when it comes to ECM, this is not a about standards at all as far as I can see. They are talking about developing a a common definition, which 'Observing Content Management' says would be a good thing. Well, maybe, but as a member of AIIM, I would have to say whats wrong with their definition of ECM ?

What they are developing is a PAS - a Publicly Available Specification, apparently. This is probably a very good idea, and very helpful to prospective customers, but its not a 'standard' ! Well OK, its could develop into a 'standard' specification, but were getting into semantics, and as there is no such thing as a 'standard' business, the PAS should be configured and customised to the particular context of the business which is looking to acquire an ECMS. So, anyway, this is coming across as a bit of a rant, and I certainly do not want to be seen as having 'a go at' The Content Group or the BSI Group, but I do wish people would stop reporting this using 'that' headline......

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