Thursday, 6 September 2007

Social Networking Session

Chaired by Shel Israel - see

Anil Dash of Six Apart started with a point reference 'interuptive' technologies such as email or IM, and the fact that these technologies are immediate and demanding of immediate action (if you get hundreds or thousands of emails per day, do you only pay attention to the latest ones at the top of your inbox ?) and so 'meaningful conversations' require 'persistent communications' i.e. blogs and wiki's (not a surprising suggestion from Six Apart !).

Athena Von Oech of Ning said she was surprised how many of the social networks setup on Ning are setup by 'professionals'.

The discussion moved onto the work / life balance and the fact that you using tools like Facebook you can have work and social contacts and communications with them, in the same place ? Is this a good thing or not - well it depends on the context. Why not keep 'professional' contacts in LinkedIn and social contacts / friends in Facebook ?? Do we need a 'social network aggregator' so we don't get confused by mulitple systems and interfaces ? This led to a thread about open standards and how we link such systems together.

quote of the session from Anil ref Facebook : "last year this conversation would have been about Facebook"

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