Thursday, 13 September 2007

New search vendor and more on collaboration

Martin White of Intranet Focus was here yesterday, working on our Intranet redevelopment project with us. He mentioned a 'new' search engine vendor he had come across, DieselPoint who are based in Chicago.

I have added their link to the Search page of the resources site over at PageFlakes, where I have brought together a bunch of ECM, Entperise 2.0, Portals, Intranets and Enterprise Search links and RSS feeds.

Also very interesting, was Martin's take on the recent Gartner Portals Content and Collaboration summit in London. Martin's blog post is here, but to summarise the focus of the conference appears to have been on collaboration, and the realisation of enterprise CIO's that there are plenty of options other than Sharepoint or Notes - good news for all the vendors at the recent Office 2.0 conference !

Since the O2Con I have been trying to find time to play with the Sosius beta, and have not yet got round to playing with SmartSheets (but did send the link to Martin and our Intranet manager Nicky). To be honest I have been busy trying turn my british CV into a Canadian style Resume - but my wife and I use BaseCamp, and Google Docs & Sheets for planning immigration activity.

But once again there in lies the rub - just because Google have jumped into bed with CapGemini, and are attempting to solve the online / offline issues with 'gears' it does not mean 'web 2.0' consumer oriented tools are ready for 'enterprise 2.0' prime time. However whilst I can stick to my earlier assertion that the start-ups should concentrate on the SME niche, perhaps Martin's notes from the Gartner event suggest that CIO's are awakening to wider (outside or through the firewall) possibilities.

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