Thursday, 6 September 2007

The crew behind "meet charlie"

Scot and Simon from Pfizer continued in the same vein as Adam, describing how they have moved forward the enterprise 2.0 agenda within their organisation. The guys present in a very entertaining fashion and I have enjoyed watching them previously.

A highlight from their session is the use of 2.0 technologies to rapidly roll out a 'zero cost' application - in this case getting rid of the old style Word document 'conference reports' that would have been put into the document management system, and replacing it with a system for blogging the conference reports - so those reports are now much more accessible to a wider audience within the organisation, providing better dissemination of information / knowledge picked up by individuals at conferences. Real 'knowledge management' in action ?

If you have not seen 'Meet Charlie' is suggest going to and having a look, its good !

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Scott said...

Thanks Jed - I really enjoyed the conference, especially being able to speak.