Friday, 7 September 2007

2nd day of Office 2.0

The first session this morning is from Ismael the organiser of the conference on the setup and the actual web 2.0 / Office 2.0 used to facilitate the rapid development and organisation of the conference.

The highlight of this session is really Ismael's closing statement. As it only took a few weeks to organise this years conference, and a lot of time was spent getting the iPhones sorted out, registration for next years conference will open next week !

There is a really good reason for this - there is going to be a competition to build a new device for next years conference ! So the challenge is to design a DVD case sized wireless 'webtop' type device, under a 'hardware open source' licence, running a linux kernel and Firefox !

And I only just got the iPhone working........ :-)

But seriously this is a very, very cool idea. If you can build a device that works, you have a guaranteed beta audience of 600 very geeky conference attendee's to put your machine through its paces.

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